Related grades: BLD-JD1, BLD-JD2

BLD common cold rolled tinning steel plate for appliances
Rolling hard volumes through continuous annealing line for cleaning, annealing and leveling products to improve the surface state and mechanical properties, when necessary, Oiling process is needed, such products are collectively known as common rolled cold plate strips or electro tinning steel substrate, common rolled cold steel strips for appliances (tinning plate) product 200,000 tons / year.

Common cold rolled steel products for home appliances are mainly used in home appliances manufacturing industry, household and office supplies etc, such as: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, washing machines, color TV sets, audio and video products, computers and so on. In addition, they are also used in main substrate materials for ceramic products, pipe profile products, pressure vessel products.

BLD common cold rolled tinning steel plate for appliances design specification:

Thickness( mm)

Width (mm)

Steel coil weight (t)

Steel coil size (mm)



Max: 20.4

Inside diameter: Ø420/Ø508

Outer diameter: Ø900~Ø2000

BLD common cold rolled tinning steel is mainly used for deep drawing steel for appliance forming.

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