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Cold rolled steel sheet is ordinary carbon steel cold rolled sheet for short, also known as cold-rolled plate, commonly known as cold plate, sometimes mistakenly written as cold rolling plate. Cold plate is made of ordinary carbon structural steel hot-rolled strip, after further cold rolling steel plate having a thickness of less than 4mm. Since rolling at room temperature, does not produce iron skin, therefore, a good cold plate surface quality, high dimensional accuracy, coupled with annealing treatment, the mechanical properties and process performance are superior to hot-rolled steel sheet, in many areas, especially in manufacturing of home appliances, has gradually replace it with hot rolled steel sheet.

DD13(StW24) steel chemical composition :















DD13(StW24) size range :
Thickness :0.2-4mm,
Width :600-2000mm,
Length :1200-6000mm。

DD13(StW24) process characteristics
With hydrochloric acid and iron oxide on hot rolled steel sheet after clearing get a nice, smooth surface. After formation, the surface of the steel sheet tends to be more cold-rolled plate surface.
By pickling the steel sheet surface oxide scale, so that the steel sheet surface defects easily exposed, so the main problem is to ensure a high quality surface production process control should be considered.

DD13(StW24) steel application :
Cold-rolled strip DD13(StW24) is widely used, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, rolling stock, aerospace, precision instruments, such as canned food.

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