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DD11(StW22) steel chemical composition :%















Chemical analysis Cu≤0.20, Cr≤0.15, Ni≤0.15, but the supplier can ensure the steel of residual elements Cu, Cr, Ni content when comply with these requirements may make these elements: participation element content shall meet the following requirements

DD11(StW22) size range:
tensile strengthσ b≤700MPa
Yield Strengthδs≤600MPa
Thickness :1.0~6.0mm
Width :700~1650mm
Weight :≤38.64 Ton
ID :610mm、760mm

Process Features
With hydrochloric acid and iron oxide on hot rolled steel sheet after clearing get a nice, smooth surface. After formation, the surface of the steel sheet tends to be more cold-rolled plate surface.
By pickling the steel sheet surface oxide scale, so that the steel sheet surface defects easily exposed, so the main problem is to ensure a high quality surface production process control should be considered.

EN10111 DD11 steel plate/sheet is stamping and cold forming steels,it is suitable for non-structural press work and forming.It's tensile strength is around 440 MPa (there is different min strength point at the different thickness.) DD11 yield strength is from 170MPa to 340 MPa. (different min strength point at the different thickness.) More detailed information about EN10111 DD11 steel Mechanical Properties , please refer to the following table:

DD11(StW22) Mechanical properties :


Yield Strength ReH [N/mm2]

Tensile Strength Rm [N/mm2] transv.

Fracture Elongation[%]transv. min.

Bending Test transv.bending mandrel Ø angle = 180° s = plate thickness

t≤ 16mm
t >16mm




1 S

t < 3mm
t ≥ 3mm




Up to 1.5mm
≥ 3mm




23 A80
24 A80
28 A5

DD11 (StW22) Features: high-speed steel material, has good toughness and high hardness, cutting geometry can grind on demand.

DD11(StW22) steel is mainly used as stamping and cold forming steels.

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