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  • As HR3 Mechanical and HR3 suppliers, we can supply HR3 Chemical, HR3 Mechanical and HR3 standard for you ,please contact us :jw@steel-jw.com
  • As HR2 Mechanical and HR2 suppliers, we can supply HR2 Chemical, HR2 Mechanical and HR2 standard for you ,please contact us :jw@steel-jw.com
  • HR1 steel sheet is suitable for many applications where the presence of oxide or scale, or normal surface imperfections disclosed after removal of oxide or scale, are not objectionable.
  • 410XLF steel structural parts can be used for good formability, such as wheels, large Liangheng Liang, etc.
  • As TL1402 Mechanical and TL1402 suppliers, we can supply TL1402 Chemical, TL1402 Mechanical and TL1402 standard for you ,please contact us :jw@steel-jw.com
  • As TL1111 Mechanical and TL1111 suppliers, we can supply TL1111 Chemical, TL1111 Mechanical and TL1111 standard for you ,please contact us :jw@steel-jw.com