Related grade: HD950/1300HS steel


HC950/1300HS hot drawing PH or B steel microstructure: Ferrite and pearlite (before heat treatment), martensite (after heat treatment)

HC950/1300HS hot drawing PH or B steel performance features: ultra high strength (tensile strength up to 1500MPa above), effectively improving the crash performance, lightweight body; parts with complex shape, good formability, high dimensional accuracy.

HC950/1300HS hot drawing PH or B steel main purpose: safety structure members, such as: front and rear bumpers, A pillar, B pillar, the channel, etc.

HC950/1300HS hot drawing PH or B steel performance:

Seel grade

a, b
RP0.2’ MPa

Rm’ MPa

A=50mm’ !%



-- 450

-- 20

a. taking R P0.2 in case of indistinct yield, otherwise R eL .
b. The sample is the NO.5 sample in JIS Z2241 and the sample direction is horizontal.
c. When the product nominal thickness is greater than 0.50mm, but less than or equal to 0.70mm, the elongation can be down 2 percent; in return, the elongation should be down 4%.

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