Related grades:MRT-2.5 CA, MRT-3CA, MRT-5CA


MRT-4CA tinning thin steel plate, commonly known as horse mouth steel, that is, a layer of metallic tin plated on steel sheet surface, with very beautiful metallic luster, and excellent corrosion resistance and paintability. And it is mainly used for packaging food, beverage cans, and also for containers with gasoline, oil, paint, polishes, sprays, and other chemicals, including cover and canister.

MRT-4CA electro-tinning steel plate product specification:



Steel coil inside diameter (mm)

Steel coil outer diameter (mm)

Steel coil weight(t)

Steel plate length (mm)





Max: 20.4


MRT-4CA electro-tinning steel plate coating situation:
The plating type of tinning steel products are equal thickness and different thickness plating, and the amount of equal thickness plating is 1.1 ~ 5.6g / m 2, the different thickness plating is 2.8 / 1.1 g / m 2 and 2.8 / 5.6 g / m 2.

MRT-4CA electro-tinning steel plate can also be used for:
Electronics: electrode, cable band, electromagnetic screen covers etc.
Engineering: automotive oil filters, automotive air filters, gaskets etc.
Construction: gas flowmeter inner parts, heat exchangers, kitchen utensils, shelves

Shanghai Royal Industry Steel has advanced technology and equipment, rich management experience, excellent service and first-class product development team. With the manufacturing capacity of the whole process from Refining, hot-rolled to tinning, Our steel produces MRT-4CA tin plating steel strip 200,000 tons / year, tinning steel products are widely used in food, beverages and industrial packaging.
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