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HC420/780TRD+Z hot-dip galvanized TRIP steel microstructure: ferrite, bainite and retained austenite, wherein the content of retained austenite is between 7% and 15%.

HC420/780TRD+Z hot-dip galvanized TRIP steel application case:
B-pillar reinforcement plate HC420/780TRD+Z, 1.8mm×615mm

HC420/780TRD+Z hot-dip galvanized TRIP steel performance features: TRIP steels have good formability, and the formability is mainly derived from retained austenite within the structure, that is, in the process of forming, the retained austenite will be gradually transformed into hard martensite, which is conducive to uniform deformation to achieve the unity of strength and ductility, and can solve the contradiction between strength and ductility.  In addition, TRIP steel also has a high impact energy absorption, high strength ductility, and high n value etc.

HC420/780TRD+Z hot-dip galvanized TRIP steel main purpose: used for parts with structure relatively complex, such as the B-pillar reinforcement plate.

HC420/780TRD+Z hot-dip galvanized steel performance

Steel grade

      a, b
RP0.2’ MPa

Rm’ Mpa

A80mm’ %







a. taking R P0.2 in case of indistinct yield, otherwise R eL .
b. The sample is the P6 sample in GB/T 228 and the sample direction is longitudinal.
c. When the product nominal thickness is greater than 0.50mm, but less than or equal to 0.70mm, the elongation can be down 2 percent; in return, the elongation should be down 4%.

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