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HC550/980DPD+ZF hot-dip galvanize DP steel microstructure: mainly with ferrite and martensite, Martensite disperses in the ferrite matrix with island shape, soft ferrite can make the steel have good formability. Hard martensite can make the steel own high strength. The strength will enhance with the improvement of ratio in Martensite. According to the application, resulting in different yield ratio (YS / TS) DP steel.

HC550/980DPD+ZF hot-dip galvanize DP steel performance features: with no yield elongation, no room temperature aging, low yield ratio, high work hardening exponent and high bake hardening value.
HC550/980DPD+ZF hot-dip galvanize DP steel main purpose: DP series of high-strength steel structure is now the preferred type parts, used for structure members ,reinforcements and collision prevention parts, such as vehicle cross member under the vehicle, rail, crash bars to strengthen the structure members etc.

HC550/980DPD+ZF hot-dip galvanize DP steel performance:

Steel grade

a, b
RPO.2’ MPa

Rm’ Mpa

A80mm’ %







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