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HD720/950CPD+Z hot-dip galvanized CP steel microstructure: mainly based on bainite and (or) ferrite matrix, and usually distributed small amounts of martensite, retained austenite and pearlite structure.

HD720/950CPD+Z hot-dip galvanized CP steel performance features:
Fine grain size, high tensile strength. Compared with the dual-phase steel with the same tensile strength, the yield strength of CP steel is obviously much higher, and at the same time with high bending and reaming performance etc. This steel owns high energy absorption capability and excellent flanging performance.

HD720/950CPD+Z hot-dip galvanized CP steel performance:

Steel grade

     a, b
RP0.2’ MPa

Rm’ Mpa

A80mm’ %





taking R P0.2 in case of indistinct yield, otherwise R eL .
b. The sample is the P6 sample in GB/T 228 and the sample direction is longitudinal.

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