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B250P1 high-strength phosphor steel refers to low carbon or ultra-low carbon steel especially added with certain amount of phosphor, which increases steel strength by its solid solution strengthening function. Adoption of such plates may properly reduce thickness of automotive drawn parts thus lighten automobile dead weight. They can be used for manufacturing outside cover parts such as outside door plates, engine hood plates, top cover plates, and reinforcements and structural members such as cross beams and longitudinal beams.

B250P1 high-strength phosphor steel product sizes:
Nominal thickness: 0.45mm~2.5mm, nominal width: 800mm~1850mm

B250P1 high-strength phosphor steel mechanical performances:

Steel grade

Yield strengtha

Tensile strength Mpa

After Breakage Percent Elongation (L0=50mm, b=25mm)%≥

rc, d

nc, d

Nominal thickness mm












  1. taking RP0.2 in case of indistinct yield, otherwise ReL。
  2. using P14 sample of GB/T228
  3. r and n for B250P1, allowable reduction by 0.2 in case of thickness≥ 1.6mm, no guarantee for r and n in case of thickness≥2.0mm.

d. r=(r90+2r45+r0)/4; n= (n90 +2n45+n0)/4.

B250P1 high-strength phosphor steel surface quality:


Code No.


Relatively high-grade finishing surface


It is allowed for the existence of a few surface defects which will not affect forming and coating & plating adhesiveness such as minor scratch, impression, pit, roll mark and oxidation tint.

High-grade finishing surface


One side of relatively good quality is free from any remarkable defect visible and the other side must reach FB requirements at least.

Ultra high-grade finishing surface


One side of relatively good quality is free from any defect, namely appearance quality after painting or electrogalvanizing is not affected, and the other side must reach FB requirement at least.

B250P1 high-strength phosphor steel tensile strain mark:
It is guaranteed that no tensile strain mark occurs on steel plates and strips at their application in case of room temperature storage.