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BSUFDE+Z electrogalvanized automotive plates
BSUFDE+Z electrogalvanized plates and strips are featured with good erosion-resistant, high surface quality(O5 plate surface are available) and excellent processing and coating performances. They can be used to manufacture inside an outside automotive plates , structural parts and reinforcements.

BSUFDE+Z electrogalvanized automotive plates sizes:
Nominal thickness: 0.30mm~2.0mm, nominal width: 800mm~1830mm
(Note: nominal thickness of a plate/strip is sum of base plate thickness and coating thickness.)

BSUFDE+Z electrogalvanized automotive plates mechanical and process performances:

  1. The mechanical and process performances of pure zinc coated plates/strips must comply with the stipulations of those of relevant base plates. The base plate grade is BSUFD, and the corresponding base plate standards is Q/BQB 408-2003.
  2. Among the mechanical performances of Zn-Ni alloy coated plates/strips, breakage percent elongation is allowed to be lowered by 2 units against that of relevant base plates, r is allowed to be lowered by 0.2 against that of relevant base plates and other mechanical and process performances shall comply with the stipulations of those of relevant base plates.

BSUFDE+Z electrogalvanized automotive plates available coating weight range is given in the following table:   

Coating Form

Coating variety

Pure zinc coating (single-side)

 Equally coating


Differential coating

3~90, max. coating thickness difference between two sides: 40

Single-side coating


Note: 50g/㎡ pure zinc coating weight is equivalent to about 7.1μm