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DC54D+Z(St06Z) hot dip galvanized plates(coils) are featured with strong coating adhesiveness, high erosion-resistance, accurately controlled zinc coating thickness, high size precision, flat profile and good mechanical, processing and welding performance. They can be used for making outside and inside automotive plates, structural parts and reinforcements.

DC54D+Z(St06Z) hot dip galvanized automotive steel size:
Nominal thickness: 0.30mm~3.0mm, nominal width: 800mm~1830mm
Note: nominal thickness of a plate/strip is sum of base plate thickness and coating thickness.

DC54D+Z(St06Z) hot dip galvanized automotive steel mechanical performances and coating adhesiveness:

Steel grade

Mechanical performances

Coating adhesiveness

Yield strength MPa

Tensile strength MPa



After breakage percent elongation % ≥

Bending center diameter in following coating weight(g/m²)c (a=plate thickness)

L0=80mm, b=20mm




Under following nominal thickness mm













  1. Allowable reduction of min.r90 specified is by 0.2 in case of product thickness >1.5mm.
  2. Allowable reduction of min.r90 and n90 specified are respectively by 0.2 and 0.01 in case of product thickness<0.7mm.
  3. For differential coated products, the thicker coating is used as outside surface in bending test.

DC54D+Z(St06Z) hot dip galvanized automotive steel coating weight range:

Coating form

Applicable surface structure

Weight range of following coatings a g/m²(A/B)

Zinc coating

Zn-Fe alloy coating

Equally coating

Z, X, G, GX, N, R



Differential coating b

N, R

30~150(each side)


a. 50 g/m² coating weight is equivalent to about 7.1µm.
b. max. differential coating thickness ration is 1:3.

DC54D+Z(St06Z) hot dip galvanized automotive steel surface treatment:

1 Chromate treatment (L)

Chromate treatment is a treatment with an aim to prevent white rusts formed on product surfaces during transportation and storage.

2 Oiling (Y)

Oiling is to prevent white rusts formed on  product surfaces during transportation and storage.

3 Chromate treatment + oiling (LY)

This treatment with oiling after surface chromate treatment is to further avoid the forming of white rusts.

DC54D+Z(St06Z) tensile strain mark:
It is guaranteed that no tensile strain mark occurs on steel plates and strips at their application within 6 months after they are produced.

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