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SECC electrogalvanized plates and strips are featured with good erosion-resistant, high surface quality(O5 plate surface are available) and excellent processing and coating performances. They can be used to manufacture inside an outside automotive plates , structural parts and reinforcements.

SECC electrogalvanized automotive plates sizes:
Nominal thickness: 0.30mm~2.0mm, nominal width: 800mm~1830mm
(Note: nominal thickness of a plate/strip is sum of base plate thickness and coating thickness.)

SECC electrogalvanized automotive plates mechanical and process performances:

  1. The mechanical and process performances of pure zinc coated plates/strips must comply with the stipulations of those of relevant base plates. The base plate grade is SPCC、SPCD、SPCE, and the corresponding base plate standards is Q/BQB 402-2003.
  2. Among the mechanical performances of Zn-Ni alloy coated plates/strips, breakage percent elongation is allowed to be lowered by 2 units against that of relevant base plates, r is allowed to be lowered by 0.2 against that of relevant base plates and other mechanical and process performances shall comply with the stipulations of those of relevant base plates.

SECC electrogalvanized automotive plates available coating weight range is given in the following table:   

Coating Form

Coating variety

Pure zinc coating (single-side)

 Equally coating


Differential coating

3~90, max. coating thickness difference between two sides: 40

Single-side coating


Note: 50g/㎡ pure zinc coating weight is equivalent to about 7.1μm