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B23R080 B:Baosteel, R: Series of magnetic domains oriented silicon steel sheet.23 : Thickness 0.23mm, 23/100 for the product thickness, in mm., 080/100 indicates that the product core loss not greater than 0.80w / kg.

B23r080 is a soft magnetic alloy ferrosilicon very low carbon content, usually silicon content of 0.5 to 4.5%. Added silicon can improve iron resistivity and maximum permeability and lower coercive force, core loss (iron loss) and magnetic aging.

B23R080 steel Mechanical Properties


tensile strength

Yield Strength



Bending frequency (times)

Stacking factor(%)








NOTE:. A detector according to GB / t228-2002, GB / T 19289-2003
b. above are typical values only for reference does not guarantee
c. L direction refers to the rolling direction

B23R080 electromagnetic performance standards


Nominal thickness(mm)

Theoretical density(kg/dm3)

Maximum core loss P17/50

The minimum magnetic induction B8






NOTE:. A detector according to GB / T3655-2008 (G-series and P-series), GB / T3789-2008 (R Series)
B. G-series and P-series samples were rolling direction, and incubated for 2 hours at 800 ℃ after the elimination of stress annealing the magnetic properties were tested
c. P17 / 50 represents the maximum magnetic flux density of 1.7T, a frequency of 50Hz, the unit kg sample of core loss.
d. B50 representation corresponds to a magnetic field strength of the magnetic induction 5000A / m when.

B23R080 steel Features:
1 . stable performance: advanced equipment, manufacturing technology and strict management to ensure the stability of the magnetic and mechanical properties.
2 . excellent processing performance: high dimensional accuracy and a smooth surface for easy cutting and punching, slitting steel for high-speed blanking.
3 . excellent coating properties:. BS series of electrical steel insulation coating has excellent insulating properties, adhesion, punching, heat resistance and weldability, with anti-corrosion (oil and chemicals) role.
4 . high dimensional accuracy: Baosteel advanced equipment and manufacturing technology to ensure the BS series has excellent flatness, smooth surface, uniform thickness, with a small difference plate, lamination factor.

B23R080 steel application :
B23R080 steel mainly used in automotive, excavators, bulldozers, Various types of cranes etc.

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